A fun weekend

The weekend started on Friday. As usual, we had a football game to cheer but this game was a little different then all the other games. For starters, it was our last home game of the football season. It was also senior night what means that all the seniors are getting recognized. They walk with their parents (or host parents for us) over the track while someone says a little about yourself for example what we are going to do after graduation. During the walk we had to stop for a picture and at the end we got a little gift bag with a cookie with our name on it and a blanket. After this we started with the game. It was against our biggest rivals; the hornets from Fulton. They called the game the 54 bowl because of the sign that was stolen once and goes to the winner of the game. We have had the sign for the past 6 years and this year we won again! It became 42-6 and we had a lot of fun during the game. 

After the game it was time to leave because we still had to drive 1,5 hour to st. Louis. We were going to be house sitting for Chuck (Amy’s boyfriend) and watching the dogs while they were off to a wedding. We came there at around 11:30. We took our bags to our rooms and layed in bed with Anna for a little while and just talked and danced to the music of the 12 dancing princesses of Barbie (we know we are 17 years old but just living our best life).  At around 12:30 we went to bed because we had to wake up at 8:30 because we wanted to go to the mall. In the morning, Amy and Chuck went to get 2 boxes of donuts and they were amazing! After breakfast we got ready to go to the mall. 

Chuck brought us in his awesome sports car and told us some things about the buildings we saw. When we arrived at the mall, we went shopping because we needed some stuff for the winter (it’s gonna be really cold). Flora bought some new boots and Joy bought a new winter coat and a new sweater. When we were out of money we continued our adventure by making pictures in a photo booth. When we were done with that we waited for Anna to pick us up. 

When we arrived at the house, it was time to facetime some friends and watch movies in Chucks movie theater. That’s the best place to watch movies and series! After watching 2 movies we were pretty hungry so chuck and Amy ordered a pizza with some chicken wings on the side for us. When our tummies were full again, we continued our movie marathon in the movie theater. The rest of the evening was pretty relaxing. We went to bed early and talked for a while before we went to sleep.

On Sunday morning Amy woke us up because breakfast was ready. We had biscuits and gravy and a casserole with bacon. After breakfast we got ready to leave and go to Anna’s grandparents to help them in the house. We watched some ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and decided to cook dinner in the evening. We went to Walmart with Amy to buy our stuff for the ‘stamppot met gehaktballen’. 

 This is a typical Dutch winter meal that’s pretty easy to make. Everyone loved it, including us, it turned out better than  we expected it to be. After we got done eating, it was time to go home because we still had an hour drive ahead of us. When we arrived  in Mexico Anna invited a friend over, but Joy had to leave pretty soon after he arrived. We both fell asleep pretty early that night. It was an exhausting but fun weekend. We made some really fun memories that we will never forget! 



Ron de Rooij

Hi Joy,

Very nice to read. We were in your parental home this weekend to celebrate your sister's birthday. It is strange to see Tijn there while you are not there ... :-)

"All the craziness on a stick" (Dutch saying directly translated into English): Enjoy!

I am already looking forward to your next message.

Greetings, Ron


Dank je wel dames voor weer een leuk verslag! Dankzij jullie wordt ook mijn Engels beter!
Enjoy. X

Elly Beelen en Lou Beelen

Wat hebben jullie een geweldig weekend gehad.
Met hutspot en zelfs een balletje gehakt.
Wat beleven jullie veel leuke dingen. Lieve groetjes van. Opa en oma. Xx

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