Halloween is really big here in America. Everyone is carving pumpkins, decorating their houses and going to school in customs. Back in The Netherlands we didn’t really do a lot with it. It was kind off just a normal day. This is one more big experience to celebrate Halloween big! 

We still had to go to school but it was actually a pretty fun day. We woke up to snow. It is only the end of October and we already have snow! It is not much yet but everyone says it is going to be the coldest winter in 50 years so we expect a lot of snow. After we got to school we saw a lot of people with cool customs. There was one kid who is really small with red hair so he was dressed up as a Irish dwarf. It looked really funny. After lunch, we had an assembly (that means that we all come together in the big gym) for tomorrow. It was a woman who was telling about her life and that it isn’t always amazing. She was telling us about fake friends, her alcoholic dad, her career. She had a hard time growing up and thinking that she wasn’t good enough until she knew she was good enough for herself. It was really inspiring. She was going to say the same thing tomorrow. Tomorrow we have districts. All the student council groups of every school in our district is coming to our school. This means that we have to decorate the whole school to look good. We have been working on this for a few weeks and it is really good to see how it all came together. 

After school, we all had to make the finishing touches on everything. Our job was to organize the registration. We had to make the name tags, give everyone lunch tickets and give them their shirts when all the schools come in. after we were done with having everything done and ready for tomorrow, we helped with the decorations and after everything was done, we could go home. 

When we went home it was already in the evening so we saw a lot of kids dressed up as monsters or princesses and going from door to door trick or treating. It was really cool to see that in real life for once and not only in the movies. The houses were also decorated. Some houses more than others. Some had big blown up creatures as witches or cats in their front yards with cobwebs and spiders or zombies. A lot of houses had carved pumpkins too. It was a lot. There were even houses that turned their front yard into a graveyard. It was amazing to see. Even though we had to work in school for Halloween, it was still fun to see all the decorations and the videos online. 




Wat een leuk verhaal geniet van de tijd dat je daar beleefd Grtjs Thema


Weer een mooi verhaal!

Elly en lou

Wat een schitterend verhaal .ik geniet er van .
Geweldig .

Ron de Rooij

Hi ladies,

Nice story again. But have you also taught them something about Sint Maarten?

Lots of fun.

Greetings, Ron

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