Senior pictures

A typical American thing is taking senior pictures. This means that you hire a professional photographer to go take pictures. Out of those pictures you use the best one for the yearbook. Americans hire professional photographers for a lot of important things like graduation, prom, new family members, etc.  

Of course we had to participate with this tradition. On Saturday November 2th , we went outside with a friend of Linda who’s a photographer and took a lot of pictures. Our theme was going to be fall, but you don’t see this in every picture.

We started at lake view park, this is a park close to our houses where we go for a walk sometimes. It’s really pretty and we took a lot of cute pictures over here.  

After lake view park it was time to go to Flora’s house to take some pictures with a really pretty tree in the front yard. 

 We also decided to take some pictures with Chucks dog (our parents are gonna be proud, because we’re actually scared of the big dog lol). 

After this we drove around and saw a pretty barn, so we decided to take pictures in front of that too!

Next was the train rail in our town, the sun was really bright, so they weren’t our best pictures. We have a cute one together, but none individual ones. 

The last location was our high school. We took one in front of the building while we were jumping and we took one in front of the MHS sign. This is a really popular spot to take senior pictures. 

We hope you enjoyed looking at all our senior pictures! 

XOXO Joy and Flora




What a lot of lovely pictures!!


What a beautifull pictures!

Elly Beelen en Lou Beelen

Wat een prachtige foto's.

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